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Pictures from the Old Stone Bed and Breakfast Unclutter your life with the simplicity and tranquility reserved for you during your stay at the Old Stone House in Mesopotamia, Ohio.

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Photo of Mespo Hill



Geauga County Biking including trans-continental (US/Canada) Underground Railroad Bicycle Route at S Windsor Rd (bike route) and OH Route 534: The URR travels betweeen Mobile, AL, all the way north to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Old Stone House URR - Sec 4 map 52, MP 1570.0+/)


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Maple Highlands Trail

A 12.4-mile long linear park that utilizes sections of the abandoned Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad corridor. The trail currently extends from Colburn Road at the Lake-Geauga border to Headwaters Park in Claridon & Huntsburg townships

Geauga County Cruise
Adventure Cycling Association

Western Reserve Bike/Hike Greenway

At Ohio Route 87: Secure bike storage, nearby repairs, hosing station, bike maps, libations, and snacks. Prior arrangements for shuttle services and local dining.

Trumbull County MetroParks Western Reserve Greenway
Ohio Department of Transportation's Biking Page
National Biking Trail Guide

SACRED STONES - Mesopotamia Cemetery
By Gene Kangas
INTRODUCTION Excerpted from Book

"The concept for SACRED STONES began germinating over thirty years ago in the tiny rural town of Mesopotamia, Ohio. "Mespo," as it is called by locals, is in the heart of Amish country in Trumbull County in northeastern Ohio. This general area is home to the fourth largest Amish community in America. The center of town is a community oriented public green space or park. A tall Civil War Monument topped by a stone eagle was erected there in 1867 honoring area veterans. Over 2,000 people attended the dedication.

About half way north on the eastern side of the commons is Fairview Cemetery, which had its first burial in 1818. Like most cemeteries, the majority of the marker stones tend towards the routine. Many of those in Fairview were fashioned from soft white marble and now appear to be melting from years of exposure. Names, dates and other embellishments are slowly vanishing; history fades with each rain storm. Scanning the cemetery, however, several obviously different stones immediately summon each visitor’s attention. They are not marble but seemingly indestructible hard granite. No detail has been erased by over a century of constant weathering. It is visually evident that a remarkable sculptural approach produced the various granite monuments in Fairview. One is a large highly detailed spiral sea shell. The largest is the Brigden Family marker accentuated by carved foliage and a friendly climbing bear. Another features a life-size seated curly coated faithful canine patiently waiting next to the headstone of a small child. These wonderful memorials originated from the self-taught artistic mind of Howard A. Brigden (1841-1913), a native of Mesopotamia. He also sculpted the stone eagle perched atop the Civil War Memorial. Being a sculptor, art teacher and folk art enthusiast, I was immediately attracted to Brigden’s masterpieces of cemetery art. Their existence provided an excellent reason to take visitors to Mesopotamia."Gene Kangas,Creekside Art Gallery

Creekside Art Gallery, Chardon, Ohio

Latter Day Saints

John Johnson Farm, Hiram, Ohio
Kirtland Temple


Meadowridge Farm
Northstar Equestrian horseback riding

Blessed Virgin Mary Shrines

Servants of Mary, Windsor, Ohio
Shrine and Church of Mariapoch, Welshfield/Burton, Ohio


End of the Commons

Old Stone House Bed and Breakfast

Ridgeview Farm


Buckeye Chocolate, Newbury
White House Chocolates, Route 87, Burton, Ohio

Covered Bridges

Trumbull County Covered Bridges
Ohio Covered Bridges
Lake County and Ashtabula County Covered Bridges


Trumbull County Golf Courses
Geauga County Golf Courses
Ohio Golf Guide


Cleveland Parachute Center


Camp Hi Hiram
Northeast Ohio Canoeing
Ohio Canoeing


Alpine Valley Skiing, Snowboarding, and Tubing


Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom
Pioneer Waterland
Swimming & Camping, Warren, Ohio



Wood Carver for Disney Europe

Garrettsville, Disney Carousel

State Parks

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
Mosquito Lake Park
Punderson State Park
Mentor Headlands

Medieval Faire

Great Lakes Medevial Faire


Greene Eagle Winery
Ohio Wines
La Leure Winery


Aunties Antiques

County Tourism Resources

Burton Chamber of Commerce Log Cabin, selling Geauga Maple products
Lake County
Northern Ohio Tourism & Business
Parkman Attractions
Geauga County Fairgrounds (many events)

Culture in Northeast Ohio

All Matters Art Gallery, Burton, Ohio
Creekside Art Gallery, Chardon, Ohio
NE Ohio
Geauga County Historical Society and Century Village Museum
Geauga Lyric Theater Guild

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Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
Cleveland Play House and Playhouse Square Cleveland Orchestra
Blossom Music Festival
Severance Hall
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